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Highest Response Rates

Emails are sent from your personal account, so they don't land in spam or promotional folders. Add that personal touch to get your response rate skyrocketing.


What is MailMerge365 often used for?

  • Emails you don't want landing in spam and promotional tabs
  • Getting higher than average responses to your emails
  • Follow-ups to conference where you've collected business cards
  • Send personal coupons to your most valuable customers

Compose email campaigns directly in Outlook

Connect to Spreadsheet to personalize emails

Track opened emails, clicked links and response rates.

Detect bounces and unsubscribers automatically

MailMerge365 lets you send an email to lots of people efficiently. Just start writing your message in Outlook and select an Excel or CSV containing your email addresses. Each email will be sent separately which increases the chances of not landing in spam and promotional tabs of your recipients.

If you want to increase the chances of getting a response even more simply add some extra columns to the spreadsheet such as the name of the recipient and a personal note you made about them and add to your email. MailMerge365 will replace these placeholders with the appropriate information before sending the email.

Once you've sent your email MailMerge365 will track who opened and read your message and who clicked on the links you sent. If there's any problem such as a mistyped email address your campaign dashboard will let you know and you can resend to those specific recipients.

  • Stay in your Outlook Workflow
  • Use source data from any source that supports Excel or CSV
  • Powerful tracking tools you've seen in enterprise sales solutions

Features to increase your productivity

Helping you get your job done and staying out of your way.



Simple pricing both for professional and occasional users.


Note that all plans are subject to limits of Office365, limits the administrator of your organisation and limits the recipient's organisation has set. The maximum number of emails per day an account can send it limited to 5.000.


About MailMerge365

Built out of necessity for growing companies everywhere.


Alex Duggleby

Maker of MailMerge365

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Some of the frequently asked questions.

1What are the requirements for using Office365?
In order to use MailMerge365 you need an active Office365 account. You will sign-up using that account and then install an Outlook plugin from the Office Store. Our plugin works in Outlook for the Desktop and Outlook for the Web.
2How can I test or trial MailMerge365?
That's simple. Every account is automatically credited with 100 trial emails that you can use to send test campaigns and do a test run of our functionality. Once you've established everything works, you can upgrade to our paid plans. So start by signing-up to your free trial.
3Does MailMerge365 support attachments, inline images, links, ...?

MailMerge365 support almost anything that Outlook supports including:

In general we don't recommend adding attachments to the email for two reasons:

  • you should not burden your recipients with large files
  • you lose the ability to track if the recipient reads these files
  • your own mailbox will grow to a large size because each email you send lands in your sent mails

A better solution is to upload the file to your website and then link to it from the email. This way MailMerge365 will track who clicks on the link to view it.

4From where are e-mails sent? Is my data leaving Europe?
When you hit "send" in Outlook for a MailMerge365 campaign the data is sent to our servers that lie in Europe. They will use the mail as a template and then send the emails using your own Office365 account. We never directly send emails to any of your recipients.

The data for your campaigns is stored on our servers for a limited amount of time (depends on the plan you're subscribed to and how you have configured your account).

If your Office365 account in hosted in Europe then data will never leave the European union. If your Office365 account is hosted elsewhere the data will be transferred back and forth from the Microsoft European data centers (where we are hosted).

5What's the difference between MailMerge365 and other newsletter, CRM or marketing systems? What can I use MailMerge365 for?

MailMerge365 is your tool of choice if you're sending out emails at the start of a hopefully long term personal relationship. Common use cases are:

  • You've come back from an industry conference and want to follow-up with the people you've met. You send out a personalized email campaign using the business cards you've gathered.
  • You need to respond to applicants for a job opening and want to give each one a reason for the decision but also send all the emails out quickly and efficiently.
  • You've gathered a small group of people interested in a new product of yours and want to invite them to a first beta test.

You want the best possible chance at getting a response and therefore put in the effort to personalize your email. MailMerge365 will then help you to send it to look as if you sent it from your own Outlook account, which increases the chances that your recipients will read it, interact with and respond to you.

At the same time we give you the tracking tools to analyse who you've sent to, what their reaction has been and to follow up with anyone that just hasn't gotten round to answering yet.

MailMerge365 is not designed for anonymous newsletter sending to large lists. There are certain limits put in place by Office365 and MailMerge365 that will require large campaigns to be spread over multiple days or weeks in order to send to large numbers of recipients. To be honest, we don't think MailMerge365 is a good fit for you in this case. There are other services, such as MailChimp, that are much better suited. When you think MailMerge365, think "personal touch".

MailMerge365 will not accept sending of email campaigns to lists of email addresses you have acquired illegally, for spam, phishing or other illegal services.

All parties involved (Microsoft, Office365 and MailMerge365) will do our best to stop our services being used by spammers and ban accounts that go against our terms of services.


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